Two Simple Steps for Resetting an Electric Water Heater

Hot shower water

Why does Hot-Shower Interruption occur? It's likely that the reset button on your electric water heater malfunctioned. Those buttons occasionally trip at random. However, it frequently takes place due to:

  • The thermostat in the device is broken.
  • The reset button is broken in and of itself.
  • The high-limit switch, which keeps the water from becoming too hot, is no longer functional.
  • A short exists in the heating element.
  • Somewhere, a wire is loose.

Remember that the reset button on a water heater has a crucial function: it cuts off electricity in case of a malfunction, like a power surge or a broken thermostat. A skilled Long Island plumber should be called to fix the issue if your water heater frequently loses power. Also, keep in mind that the interaction of water and electricity can be fatal. Never be afraid to ask a professional to check something out. For the purposes of this article, we'll assume that your water heater behaves normally and that this isn't a recurring problem. Now that this is clear, let's go over two easy actions to restart it.

Check The Electrical Panel First.

Locate the "water heater" circuit at your electrical panel, which is typically in the basement, garage, or storage room.

  • Flip the breaker to ON if it is currently in the OFF state. If it stays there, you may probably conclude that everything that has happened thus far has been an accident and resume your normal activities. But if it quickly or suddenly switches back to OFF, consult an electrician.
  • If the breaker is on, flip it to the off position.

Push The Heater Reset Button After That.

You'll locate a reset button on your electric water heater somewhere. It is often red and frequently seen close to the thermostat. A removable steel panel on the appliance may also conceal it, followed by some insulation. Push and release the button once you've located it. Check for a second thermostat and a second reset button while the access panel is removed. If you click the button and it trips again right away, something is wrong and you need to contact a professional. If not, replace the access panel and turn the corresponding circuit breaker back on.

  • You're good to go if your water heater is now powered. (Well done!) Just be aware that the tank's water will need to be reheated over a period of time.
  • If your water heater is still not functioning, turn the breaker to the OFF position and give us a call so we can investigate the issue and restore the flow of hot water.
  • Switch the breaker back to OFF and let us take a look if your water heater starts to operate but the reset button trips once more. As a safety measure, your reset button keeps tripping, so something isn't quite right.

Is Your Water Heater Communicating With You?

One unexpectedly chilly shower is kind of hilarious. But when it persists, that becomes a frustrating issue. Give us a call right away, and we'd be happy to come by and investigate. You should take lavish, steamy showers!