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At Order a Plumber Inc., our Suffolk chimney inspection professionals can ensure the chimneys serving your oil, gas, and wood stoves are safe and venting properly. Our trained and knowledgeable chimney inspection experts will make your oil and gas fired boiler safety our top priority. Ensuring the safety of our customers is an important part of what we do. Your natural gas or oil boiler is a major source of warmth and comfort in your home. When the temperature drops outdoors or it’s a cold and rainy night, gathering in a warm and cozy space can be extremely satisfying. While gas and oil appliances don’t produce creosote, they can still create problems in your home and damage your flue and chimney if they aren’t well-maintained. Starting a fire or using flammable materials like oil and gas inside your home requires ensuring your appliances are safe for use. If your oil and gas fired boiler isn’t properly maintained, your cozy evening at home could lead to serious indoor air pollution and safety concerns. Conducting an annual chimney inspection is imperative if you plan to operate your oil and gas fired boiler during the cold winter months.

Knowledgeable Chimney Inspection Professionals

Chimney inspections are an important part of your home’s overall fire safety strategy. Our Suffolk County staff are dedicated professionals held to the same high standards as we require of everyone else in our company. Many elements of your oil and gas fired boiler, flue, and chimney must be inspected before your structure can be cleared for use. If you aren’t sure your chimney is being inspected by a trained professional, you could be putting your home and loved ones at risk. It’s not worth it to cut corners. You can trust the team at Order a Plumber Inc. to provide a thorough inspection of your chimney. Whether it’s your plumbing or your chimney, we commit the same energy and dedication to every job we take. You can expect exceptional service when you contact our technicians for any job, big or small. We provide a standard one-year warranty on all our work, so customers can rest easy knowing they’re protected.

For chimney inspection services in Suffolk County, call (631) 234-0687. Ask our specialists how you can qualify for a free chimney inspection.

Top Reasons You Need an Annual Chimney Inspection

Regardless of the level of inspection your chimney needs, there are serious reasons experts recommend homeowners schedule an annual chimney inspection. While your oil and gas fired boiler may seem impervious to many of the issues affecting fireplace use, there are many reasons you should have your overall system assessed by an inspector. Not only will they examine the interior components of your system and identify problems or weaknesses, but they can also ensure your system is working optimally.

The top reasons for a chimney inspection include:

Wear and Tear: Gas and oil boilers product byproduct just like a traditional fireplace produces smoke and ash. Most homeowners aren’t aware their gas heating appliances require the same level of maintenance and care as wood-burning heating methods. Your gas furnace, boiler, and water heater all rely on a venting and exhaust system to eliminate byproducts from your home. Because these systems produce byproducts that must be eliminated, the delivery channel must be maintained and inspected for normal wear and tear. Additionally, where wood-burning heating devices produce soot that must be cleaned, your gas devices produce corrosive substances that can cause your chimney or flue to become damaged over time.

Chimney Obstructions: Changing seasons, severe storms, or windy weather can lead to a buildup of debris in your chimney. Items like leaves and twigs can find their way into your chimney, making it an inviting spot for small animals and birds to build a nest. These types of obstructions can lead to carbon monoxide buildups in your home. After an inspection, your service provider may recommend a chimney cap to prevent future problems.

Invisible Dangers: Looking at your chimney from the outside, it likely looks perfect, but our Suffolk chimney inspection professional has the necessary tools and expertise to examine the components of your chimney and identify those that need repairs or replacement. Many parts of your chimney are not easily assessed for damage with a simple visual inspection. For homeowners, there are parts of your chimney that are too high for you to safely access or too technical for you to examine without training.

Clean Slate: If you’ve recently purchased a new home and a chimney inspection wasn’t part of your home inspection pre-sale, then you will need to have one performed before using your oil and gas fired boiler. If you don’t know with certainty the inspection history, using a gas-powered heating appliance could be extremely risky. There could be years of acidic buildup, blockages, and other problems hidden inside your chimney.

Call Order a Plumber Inc. for Your Chimney Inspection Needs!

At Order a Plumber Inc., our Suffolk County chimney inspection specialists provide safe and reliable services to homeowners throughout the area. Call today and ask our specialists how you can qualify for a free chimney inspection for your home. If you need to have your chimney inspected to meet a deadline, we also offer same-day services in most cases. There’s no job too big or too small for our team of dedicated technicians. We treat every job like our only job! We respect our customers and their homes. When you call for service in Suffolk County or a nearby area, you can count on our team to answer!

If you need to schedule chimney inspection services in Suffolk County, call Order a Plumber Inc. at (631) 234-0687. Ask our friendly customer service specialists how you can qualify for a free chimney inspection.


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