How to Repair a Toilet Handle

Toilet Handle


  • If the lever is loose, use a pair of pliers to tighten the screw and washer within the tank. Don't tighten the nut too much. You might peel the threads or break the tank's porcelain.
  • It might not have been put correctly if the lever is jammed down in the flush position. Reposition the handle so it is parallel to the top edge of the tank, loosen the nut washer, and then tighten it again.


  • The threads might be stripped if the nut won't tighten or keeps slipping off the screw.
  • Wrap white plumber's or electrician's tape around the handle bolt's threads for a speedy repair. After that, replace the washer and nut and tighten the nut.
  • Replacement of the toilet handle is the best solution.


  • Examine the handle arm for flaws, breaks, or cracks.
  • Replace the entire handle & arm assembly if it has flaws.
Advice: Make a note of where the handle is located on the tank before buying a replacement. There are four different types: side mount, front mount universal, and front mount left and right.


  • The chain linking the handle arm to the flapper may be broken or disconnected if the handle appears to be working properly but the toilet still won't flush.
    • Empty the tank prior to working on the chain. Turn off the water supply valve then pull up on the flapper to let the water drain to accomplish this.
  • If the chain is separated from the handle arm, reattach the chain from the flapper into the holes on the handle arm, using chain hook. Give the chain a little leeway.
  • Reconnect the chain to the flapper if it has been severed from it.
  • Replace the chain or flapper if they are broken.