Signs of Hot Water Heater Going Out

Winter is in full swing and that means, in some areas in the United States, temperatures are dropping as low as 16 below zero. If you live an area that’s getting cold outside, the last thing you want is for your hot water to be getting icy as well. That’s why it’s important that you pay attention to key signs regarding the health of your hot water heater.

Having a dysfunctional water heater can lead to a bevy of issues for homeowners. It can mean cold water coming through your pipes, debris getting into your water supply, and a whole lot more.

To help you better see the signs your hot water heater is going out, below, our team has written out some simple identifiers you can rely on.

1. You’re Not Getting Much (or any) Hot Water

A good water heater should be capable of supplying you with enough hot water to get you through the day. This includes being able to serve you and your family during showers while washing the dishes, and while doing other hot water necessary activities. If you’re constantly getting stung by cold water in the shower or are noticing that it takes a long time for your water to warm up once it’s running, you’re experiencing one of the primary signs your water heater is going out.

2. Leaks Are Forming

As water heaters get older, they get more leak-prone. Leaks in your hot water heater not only diminish the amount of hot water they can deliver to your home but can also run up your water bill unnecessarily. If you suspect that your water heater may be leaking, call in a water heater professional to service your unit as soon as possible.

3. Odd Noises Coming From Your Heater

Modern water heaters are excellent at efficiently heating water without making a noticeable noise. If you’ve noticed a change in the amount of noise your water heater is making, it could be indicative of a problem that’s forming or one that is already present. The longer you let the issue sit, the more severe and costly it may be to fix it. If you’re hearing loud noises coming from your unit, consider shutting it off and scheduling a repair immediately.

4. Rust in Water

Heaters that are well past their prime may start to get rusted inside. This rust can then find its way into your water supply. Rust can be dangerous when found in water, especially if you consume water from your home’s tap. Again, a repair professional can help advise on how to best remedy rust coming from your heater and will likely point you in the direction of replacement units worth investing in.

5. Your Unit is Just Plain Old

One of the simplest signs your hot water heater is going out that you can easily identify is your unit’s age. If you look at your hot water heater’s manufacturer sticker and notice that it’s over 10 years old, you’ll probably want to get your heater looked at. To extend your water heater’s age, consider hiring a professional to flush your unit on an annual basis.

Wrapping Up Signs Your Hot Water Heater is Going Out

Now that you know the signs your hot water heater is going out, it’s time to do something about it. We recommend contacting our Long Island-based team at Order A Plumber. Order A Plumber has been servicing homeowner’s water heater and other plumbing needs for years. Let us provide you with the same exceptional value.

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