Keeping Stains Out of Bathroom, Sinks, and Toilets

clean bathroom

It can be polished up by removing rust from the sink and toilet, but how does one keep it that way? To stop more rust from accumulating, proactive actions are crucial.

Don't Leave Any Metal In The Sink Or Bathtub

Metal objects left on shower shelves and sinks, such as cans of shaving cream and razor blades, leave stains. The same is applicable to hair accessories with metal, such as hair clips and pins. When not in use, remove these components to avoid rusting.

Keep Everything Tidy And Dry

Regular cleanings are the greatest method to keep things looking new and shining. By doing this, iron is kept from adhering too long to the surface of your piping. In a similar vein, you ought to keep your bathtub and sink dry when they're not in use. Although drying your toilets and bathtub may seem unusual, doing so removes any iron residue and reduces exposure.

Consult a Plumber

You can be overdue for an upgrade based on the age of your house and the plumbing system. To prevent rust in your home, discuss pipe replacement with your plumber. Other helpful rust-prevention advice from your plumber may include installing a water-softening system.