Shower and Tub

A quick response plumber might be helpful in an emergency, but a simple clogged shower or bathtub is frequently something you can manage yourself. Try these basic measures before you call a professional to fix your blocked bathtub.

Clean Out Your Drain

Make sure the drain is clear before you start unclogging bathtub clogs. If you have a drain lid, unscrew it and check if you can remove the hair trap from the drain with a screwdriver. Remove anything that can be removed from the drain, and then run hot water to test if it remains clear. In many cases, this is all required to clear a clogged shower.

Try A Hanger

Unbend a wire hanger until you get a nice long piece of wire. Try snagging whatever you can with that wire down the drain in your shower. Hair entangled in reaching spots is the most common cause of clogged showers. Try this simple tip to avoid calling a professional plumber when you don't need one.

Use The Plunger

The plunger you use to unclog your toilet can also be used to clear a clogged bathtub drain that does not require plumbing professionals. If you have a full bathtub with enough water to cover the plunger area, try plunging the drain for a few minutes to see if you can clear the clogged shower drain. If possible, plunge long enough to observe the tub begin to drain past the clogged shower issue.

Try Baking Soda And Vinegar

If your drain is slow, try pouring a 1-1 baking soda and vinegar solution down. This solution effectively unclogs shower blockages that do not require the assistance of a highly experienced professional.

Run Your Water

When you think you've unclogged your shower blockages, run hot water for a few minutes to ensure you're getting the draining you want. When you force a small amount of water past a clogged bathtub, it may appear clear at first, but it will clog up again later.

If these simple techniques do not clear a blocked bathtub or shower, it is necessary to call a plumber for assistance. With the appropriate specialist, you can quickly solve blocked bathtub problems, no matter the situation. Order A Plumber today by calling us at (631)234-0687.