What Steps Can I Take to Increase Water Pressure?

hand under water faucet

What Steps Can I Take to Increase Water Pressure?

After a hard day outside, you want to go in the shower and relax. After a long day at work, running errands, or getting dressed in the morning, you want to feel the water flowing. The low water pressure might make you angry. However, installing new pipes to enhance water pressure is costly and time-intensive. Whether you want to work with one of our fast response plumbers or on your own, you can improve the water pressure in your bathroom.

Clean the Shower Head

How much water does your shower head get? Mineral deposits and other debris can reduce the flow. If you observe a decrease in water pressure in your bathroom, those deposits may be to blame. Remove the showerhead from the bathroom and soak it in vinegar for several hours. Before reconnecting the showerhead, clean the top of the head with a sponge and a toothpick.

Adjust the Supply Valve

Check for a supply valve if you wish to boost your home's water pressure. Many older homes include a supply valve that controls how much water flows through the pipes; newer homes may have a similar valve. Remove the nut from the top of the pipe attached to the valve and spin it clockwise. Check your bathroom's water pressure and adjust it to your liking.

Use a Booster Pump

A plumber can help you enhance your water pressure. We can plan an appointment for our plumbing services. Our plumbers will inspect your pipes and plumbing system and recommend the best alternative for you. A water pressure booster can help many households. This booster adds to the existing plumbing system and accelerates water flow through the pipes, increasing pressure.

If DIY solutions don't work, don't be afraid to call a professional for help. Order a Plumber Inc. provides emergency plumbing services around the clock.