Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater

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Like any other home device, water heaters need regular maintenance. Maybe even more because they labor all day to boil water, transport it out, and keep it warm in the tank.

If you consistently have hot water troubles, you should evaluate your routine maintenance habits. Follow these maintenance tips to avoid running out of hot water:

  • Know the expected lifespan of water heaters: Some heaters degrade with time. Knowing your unit's expected lifespan might help you decide if you need to replace your water heater right away or if you can wait a little longer.
  • Flush your hot water tank: To keep water running and room in the tank for only hot water, you need to flush your hot water tank periodically. Flushing the hot water tank needs completely emptying it and removing the sediment. You can do this yourself or hire a professional plumber.
  • Check your thermostat often: Regularly check the water heater's thermostat. It may be too low or broken, causing your water to be frigid.
  • Your water heater may need to work more to keep the water hot in colder climates. Wrapping a tank-style unit keeps the water warm and the heating element from running too long, wasting electricity.

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