9 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Plumber

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Don't bother contacting plumbers who won't perform the job correctly. Simply dial the best number and flush the rest.

It would be ideal if finding the ideal plumber were as easy as this cliché line. In practice, though, most individuals utilize trial and error to select a qualified plumber. Choosing the correct plumber might be the distinction between a 20-minute faucet repair and a costly flood cleanup fee.

When it comes to locating a plumbing company that will match your requirements, there are an array of issues and factors to consider. The most critical aspect is hiring a competent individual to do the task.

Therefore, continue reading for the nine key questions you must ask before selecting a New York plumber.

  1. Are you fully licensed?

Before you tell a plumber about the task you want to be performed, you must ask this question.

Don't take that question for granted; many plumbers labor without a license and use shortcuts. New York's plumbers are licensed by NYC Department of Buildings. You may thus use their public register search to confirm that your plumber is registered.

There is no way to know what standards unlicensed plumbers use to their job. Costs associated with plumbing may be very high, so the last thing you want is for your just finished work to fail an examination or function improperly.

  1. Do you have insurance?

This is another essential question to make. Let's face it, accidents do happen. Accidents involving plumbing may result in property destruction, electrical damages, or even floods. Who is responsible for paying the bill?

Good plumbing firms safeguard their plumbers (& you) from the hazards of the work with insurance. If you choose an uninsured business, you may have to pay for busted pipes, gas leaks, and medical expenditures.

You should be able to find the solution to this question without much effort. On their websites, reputable plumbing firms will disclose whether they are insured to alleviate customers' concerns.

You are entitled to visible evidence of insurance, therefore do not be hesitant to request it. A plumbing business with insurance will not hesitate to produce evidence.

  1. How are your reviews doing?

A plumber should be able to provide testimonials unless it is their first day on the job. Reviews are excellent for providing an impartial assessment of the quality of earlier work.

The Google reviews page is an excellent starting point. Four- and five-star ratings suggest a reputable firm, but comments should be given great consideration. A remark with a high star rating indicates that the experience could not be summed up in a single click!

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  1. Do you provide guarantees?

What is the worst that may happen after the completion of a plumbing job? We believe it's your responsibility to contact the plumber back since the task wasn't completed properly. The only thing that might make this nightmare more terrifying is learning that the company has gone out of business.

Ensure that any plumber you pick will stand behind their work. Our dedication to providing great service is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

We have been around for a very long time, and we aim to continue doing so. If you are not totally satisfied with our work, we will return immediately to put it right—for free, of course.

  1. Who is responsible for cleanup afterward?

Can you anticipate that the plumber will clean it up after completing the job? Most likely, it never hurts to inquire. A plumber may leave after the "water is flowing," but if you're left with the mess, you won't feel like the work is complete.

If your plumber doesn't handle cleaning for larger work, you may need to contact a garbage removal service. This may incur unanticipated costs, so be sure to inquire beforehand.

  1. Are you reachable in an emergency?

The challenging aspect of plumbing problems is that they seldom occur at opportune times. Consider how much worse a situation might get if you must wait up to 12 hours for a plumber to arrive.

Inquire with your plumber regarding their emergency service time and what they consider to be an emergency.

  1. Do you have the proper equipment for the job?

You'd be surprised at how often consumers purchase tools or call a second plumber since the first didn't have the proper equipment to complete the job.

It is not always feasible for a plumber to anticipate all of the necessary tools for a project. Your plumber may request that you get an item from a nearby shop, or they may do it yourself. Ask whether you are responsible for covering the cost of tools purchased at the last minute.

  1. How much does it cost?

This is the initial question that comes to everyone's mind, but you should ask it last. You must only feel confident discussing price if you have obtained satisfactory responses to the preceding inquiries.

At Order a Plumber, we charge by the job rather than by the hour, so you'll always know what you're paying before we begin. You pay exactly what you see. We don't conduct hidden costs.

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