Four Potential Causes Of Toilet Leaking At Base

plumber in front of toliet

It can be frightening to walk into your bathroom and discover a pool, or worse, flood water around the toilet. If you only have one bathroom in your home, you'll want to get the toilet running as soon as you can because water damage is a genuine problem and a working toilet is highly necessary.

Water seeping from the base of your toilet, however, is frequently not as big of a problem as you might initially think.

Common Reasons For Base Toilet Leaks

Let's examine a few of the most typical reasons why toilets leak at the base.

  1. There is a wax ring issue.

Problems with the wax ring on the toilet are a typical occurrence. The place where your toilet sinks into the floor underneath it is sealed with a wax ring. Water may leak from base of your wax ring and onto the floor if it has a problem. Even though replacing a wax ring involves a very difficult process if you decide to do it yourself, the good news is that it is quite inexpensive to do so.

  1. Condensation

If you're really fortunate, the water surrounding the base of the toilet might just be condensation. If you reside in a region that is extremely humid, it is more likely the cause. You should clean the toilet bowl and wait to see whether water pools up again to rule out the option.

  1. Liquid Bolts

Loose bolts are another typical cause of a leaky toilet foundation. The bolts holding your toilet seat in place are these. The base of the toilet won't be properly secured to the floor if they start to come away. If the toilet was the problem, tightening those bolts should secure it to the flooring and end the leak.

  1. Broken toilet bowl

Although this is unquestionably one of the most extreme alternatives, it is still a possibility. In this instance, the crack may not necessarily be at the toilet's base but may be located anywhere in the bowl. However, some fluid will be forced to exit through the crevices and then run through the toilet bowl because of the water pressure inside the toilet. Water collects as a result at the toilet's base. The toilet bowl must be emptied in order to address this problem, and the cracks must then be sealed with a waterproof sealant. But if water continues to leak, it might be time for a completely new toilet.

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