Backflow Prevention & Testing


Water distribution systems are built to keep water flowing in one direction from the distribution system to the end-user. Hydraulic conditions within the system, on the other hand, may deviate from average, causing the water to flow in the other direction. As a result, in unprotected systems, water can flow in the other direction, which is typical. This is referred to as backflow. When this happens, pollutants can enter the water system, causing harm to water users.

What Causes Backflow?

Cross-connections can enable impurities into the drinking water system, causing backflow. When the pressure in a tank or water trough is lower than the pressure in the water system, a back-siphonage can occur. This could allow tainted water to enter the system by dragging it in. Backpressure is another cause of backflow. Backpressure occurs when dirty water is forced into the public water supply due to higher water pressure in a fire protection system or a multi-story building.

What are the Dangers of Backflow?

Significant backflow issues have been known to bring widespread, even lethal, diseases over the years. In 1985, for example, a Salmonella outbreak in Chicago afflicted nearly 100,000 people! The reality is that pollution levels vary, and there's no way of knowing what residents would be subjected to.

Residents confront several prospective threats, including:

  • Oils
  • Chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • and Bacteria Which Can Be Harmful

Backflow occurs when something you want to be flushed and pushed far away from your building finds up flowing back into your water supply, exposing you to various pollutants. To protect persons in your space and those who occupy your commercial property, it's critical to prevent these crises.

Backflow can be prevented in two ways: by installing backflow prevention systems and testing them regularly to ensure they are working correctly. Order a Plumber has the expertise to install both residential and commercial backflow prevention systems and perform routine repair and maintenance services.

Order a Plumber's NYC plumbers also have the necessary state certifications to conduct backflow testing of your prevention systems in residential and commercial areas. You can't afford to take any chances when it comes to preventing bacteria from infesting your water supply.

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