gloved hands holding a showerhead

Required Tools:

Slip joint pliers

Materials needed:


Shower Head

STEP 1: Remove the Showerhead

Remove your old showerhead by twisting the coupling that links the showerhead to the arm counterclockwise (to the left) using a pair of plumbing pliers.

Tip: Cover the pliers' jaws with tape to avoid harming your new showerhead.

STEP 2: Apply Teflon Tape

Wrap a couple of rotations of Teflon tape around the shower arm's threads.

Note that not all showerheads need Teflon tape. Read the manufacturer's instructions.

STEP 3: Install the Showerhead

  • Hand-tighten the replacement showerhead's female connection onto the shower arm's threads, then spin it clockwise.
  • With a pair of plumbing pliers, tighten the showerhead another quarter-turn.
  • Check for leaks by turning on the shower.