What Temperature Should I Set My Water Heater?

Water Heater Temperature guage

Manufacturers provide a choice of heat settings for both gas and electric water heaters. Water heaters may be adjusted to any temperature but knowing when to use them is vital. The setting you choose is crucial for conserving energy and preventing burns to children and others.

What Should The Temperature Of Your Water Heater Be?

The temperature of water heaters typically ranges from 90 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Only utilize the lowest level in residences that aren't in use all the time. For this reason, the lowest setting is frequently referred to as "Vacation." The EPA recommends that homeowners set their water heaters to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which applies to electric and gas water heaters. Most bacteria and germs should be killed at this temperature; however, microorganisms may be present in the water heater. Higher temperature settings should be used with caution because the water can burn skin. This could be a significant problem for individuals with a youngster or an elderly relative.

Where Can I Adjust My Water Heater's Temperature?

Electric hot water heaters typically have a heat setting hidden behind a panel on the side of the tank. One or two screws are usually used to secure the panel. The dial for adjusting the electric water heater temperature setting will be exposed once the panel is removed and the insulation is raised. The temperature control dial on gas water heaters is usually exposed at the bottom of the tank's side. It's critical to install the tank such that the dial is simple to reach for both electric and gas water heater installations. The primary control panel box for tankless water heaters will also feature temperature control. A homeowner should examine the owner's manual for the water heater before altering tankless, electric, or gas water heaters.

Homeowners should be aware that the water temperature at a faucet may differ from the temperature set in the tank. Regular temperature changes could cause this, or it could mean the tank needs to be fixed or replaced. If the water from a water heater smells unpleasant, the homeowner should turn the temperature to one level. Bacteria in the tank could be the source of the odor. Water heaters should be set to 140 degrees in homes with older dishwashers that do not heat the water. This temperature is required to ensure that the dishwasher cleans the dishes correctly.

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