Five Ways to Winterize Your Plumbing

winterized hose

It's only a matter of time before the chilly winter weather shows up as well when the calendar turns to November, and if previous winters has taught us anything, it's that we need to be ready for the dangers that accompany arctic temperatures. This is especially true for your plumbing, that can sustain major damage if the water inside it freezes over and expands at high temperatures. This can stop the flow of water or even cause a pipe to explode.

Want to stay away from one of these possible problems? Here are some pointers you can use at home to prepare your plumbing.

1. Get your outside faucets ready

Do you still have your garden hose outside? Roll it up, drain it, then disconnect it to store it inside. Any water in a hose will almost certainly freeze, which might seriously harm the hose. A hose's freezing potential could do serious harm to an outside water faucet if it has any water pressure.

2. Remedy leaks

Have any of your pipes been slowly leaking? The moment has come to freeze it. Your pipe has a significantly higher possibility of completely freezing over and exploding if water exposed to below-freezing conditions solidifies.

3. Insert Insulation

Are there any exposed, unheated pipes in your home? You most likely have at least one or two components outside that are simple to access. Get some plumbing insulation from your neighborhood hardware shop if these pipes are not already insulated or if the insulation is more than a few years old. When it comes to significant pipe replacement services, this small investment could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

4. Empty the water heater

Water heaters accumulate deposits like magnesium and calcium over time. A thorough draining of your water heater will typically remove the majority of these deposits. Refill your water heater from scratch after emptying it. By doing this, your heater will give you a cleaner, warmer environment.

5. Hire a plumber

Have you lately had your plumbing inspected? If not, the pipes may be slowing down or beginning to back up. Winter months can frequently exacerbate these issues when debris or even water begins to become too cold and freeze. Never be reluctant to make a call and ask a Long Island plumber for assistance if you have any plumbing problems!

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