Why My Toilet Tank Is Empty

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If you discover that your toilet isn't flushing thoroughly, a tank problem may be to blame. Check inside your toilet tank by raising the lid, if one is available. This tank circulates clean water, assisting with toilet flushing. If the tank is empty, something might be wrong.

Plumbing for both homes and businesses is our area of expertise at Order a Plumber Inc. on Long Island. Because of our close relationships with neighborhood families, we have gained some knowledge regarding empty toilet tanks and how to repair them.

If you see an empty tank, it typically implies one of 3 things:

  • There is a replacement item required.
  • The bathroom requires modernization.
  • Time to contact a plumber

We'll briefly discuss the causes and solutions for empty toilet tanks here.

Fill Valve Problem

The amount of water that enters your tank after you flush and use the reserves is controlled by the fill valve of your toilet. Over time, the fill valve works itself hard and may move out of position. You can reposition your valve if it isn't perfectly centered in the tank to control water levels.

You can handle the fill valve adjustment yourself or ask a plumber for assistance. If you decide to move the valve personally, go as follows:

  • Your toilet tank should be opened.
  • To make the float cup move, turn the water level adjustment rod screw.
  • The amount of water changes depending on whether the float cup is moved up or down.
  • Flush the toilet to monitor development
  • Continue until your tank fills as it should.
  • Put the toilet tank lid back on.

In your toilet, never push anything that doesn't want to move. It is preferable to call a professional for assistance if you attempt to turn the screw and it becomes stuck. The adjustment rod could be harmed if the screw is forced. If the rod breaks, you'll be without a part and will have to have it replaced in order to correctly flush your toilet.

Old Float Ball

Your toilet probably has a float ball within if it is an older model. This tiny ball floats on the surface of the water inside your tank, as the name suggests. It specifies how much water should be poured into your toilet tank. Your water level will indicate whether the float ball is just too low in the tank.

Similar to the fill valve, you may adjust your float ball manually without hiring a pro. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open toilet tank
  • Lift up a finger and carefully slide it under the float arm.
  • The tank should fill and the float ball should move.
  • Change the tank lid

Watch the ball location while you flush the toilet. It could need to be changed if it dips back to its low level in the tank. Although an outdated float ball isn't a major issue, it does necessitate a trip to the hardware store or a call to your neighborhood plumber.

Lever For Toilet Trip Isn't Working

The trip lever inside the tank is linked to the handle on the exterior that you use to flush the toilet. The toilet won't flush, and the tank won't fill if the internal trip level isn't functioning. Unfortunately, the majority of trip lever issues call for a new lever.

Remove the cover from your toilet tank and have a look inside to determine if the lever is the problem. Inside the tank, close to the handle, lies the lever. Typically, it seems to be a long metal rod bent into the shape of a lever. The flush valve is attached to this.

Watch the trip lever while you flush the toilet with the tank top off. If the lever isn't linked to the valve, doesn't move, or moves but the toilet doesn't flush, it might need to be fixed. Trip assembly is a delicate component that, if not installed correctly, might mean the difference between a working toilet and one that doesn't.

We at Order a Plumber Inc. do not advise you to attempt to repair a damaged trip lever on your own. The trip lever's connections to so many other components of your flushing mechanism are the main problem. Spending extra time and money on the remedy may be necessary if you accidentally damage something else.

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