garbage disposal

You probably use the garbage disposal each day if you're like most people. Even if you are aware that you shouldn't flush things like chicken bones and other culinary waste down the sink, you might not be aware that the food you do allow to pass through the garbage disposal can leave a foul odor behind. The weak pressure in your sink's garbage disposal is a common cause of this odor. Food might remain in the pipe under your sink when the water pressure is too low.

The use of lime juice or distilled white vinegar is one of the more well-liked treatments. You put those components into the drain, let them sit for a while, and then flush them with cold water. Try some of the many possible home remedies, including baking soda, hot water, dish soap, and many others. However, if the problem is serious, these fixes might not be effective.

Deeper Odors

The fundamental explanation of why so many home treatments don't work is that they only affect the smells that are stuck on the surface of your pipe. Many homeowners are unaware that their garbage disposals merely break down food and rubbish into tiny pieces, some of which can get stuck in the pipes. Even with powerful garbage disposal, food particles can still get stuck in the U-pipes under your sink. A foul odor is produced as the food rots inside the pipe. Some residents have complained that their disposal stinks like a sewer, but we are confident that we can fix the issue.

What We Do

Complete garbage disposal flushing is one of the more frequent procedures provided by a qualified plumber. To remove any food or garbage particles stuck inside the pipe, plumbers can send a snake down the drain. The snake will wound its way through the pipe. If you have a clog, minor or huge, you might smell something foul coming from the sink and observe that water drains more slowly.

Our skilled and experienced plumbers will inspect your sink, check the pipes, and guarantee that the pressure in your garbage disposal is appropriate. Once we identify the root of the issue, we can swiftly and effectively address the strange smell.