What Signs Point To A Broken Sewer Line?

sewer line

Your home may suffer a great deal as a result of a broken sewer line. Knowing the signs of a broken line can provide long-term security for the years to come. However, how do you identify the issue and who do you contact to fix sewer line issues? These inquiries are answered by our Long Island drain cleaning professionals.

What a Broken Line Looks Like

Let's examine the signs of a broken sewage pipe before getting into the specifics of how to fix the problem. These signs consist of:

  1. Sewer Obstructions

If your sewer line is broken, you could have sewer clogs. When you flush the toilets and the water repeatedly appears to rise through the basin, there is a blockage. Or you might discover that after getting your pipes cleaned, you have clogs. This problem is frequently caused by tree roots obstructing your line or a poorly aligned connection. To inspect the sewers with a camera and find the issue, it's crucial to speak with a nearby drain cleaning business.

  1. Sewer Gas Smells

This is an obvious problem that might have detrimental effects on one's health. Call your neighborhood plumbing firm right away if you smell gas anywhere on the property. A broken sewer line is probably to blame for the problem.

  1. Mold on the ceilings and floors

An issue with your sewer lines or home pipes is frequently indicated by the growth of mold. Only 55% or higher humidity is needed for mold to develop and thrive. If the pipe is cracked, moisture can quickly gather there and foster the perfect environment for the growth of mold.

  1. Slow Drainage

Another significant issue that arises when there is a problem with your sewer system is slow drainage. A obstruction in your sewer system is frequently indicated by slow drainage. Even if the issue may not initially be harmful, it will eventually worsen. Dealing with the slow drainage problem immediately is preferable to waiting and having to deal with flooding or a broken sewage line.

  1. Lush Grass

If you're a serious gardener, lush patches of grass might be a good indication. However, there can be issues under the soil that will need money to fix.

  1. Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks are another major structural problem related to sewer leaks. This happens when a leak develops in the main sewage pipe underneath the foundation and is left unattended for a while. The home may sink into the earth as a result of foundation fissures, and the underlying structure may even tilt. It's crucial to repair foundation fractures as soon as possible because this instability is extremely risky.

  1. Invasion Of Insects

An insect infestation is yet another glaring indicator of a foundation issue with the house. It's possible that cockroaches and flies start to appear more frequently around your house. These insects get easy access to your home through a damaged sewer connection. From their source, they can move in swarms through the sewer system and infiltrate the property through smallest cracks.

They can be extremely challenging to get rid of once inside the house. Make sure to schedule a sewer line check with your Long Island drain cleaning company as soon as possible if you've seen little bugs more frequently in the house in recent months.

  1. Sewage Waste Outside

If you smell something unpleasant in your yard, you're probably going to look for the cause of the stench. Rarely, you might discover that septic waste has started to pool in the lower sections of your yard. For people who take pride in a well-kept garden, this can be distressing. And it's a surefire indication that there's an issue with the connection between your septic tank and sewer line.

Make an appointment with a plumber who has knowledge with septic tanks. They will analyze the entire sewage system with inspection cameras to look for cracks and structural defects, and they may assist you in determining the issue's root cause.