How to Inspect Plumbing Before Buying a House

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Whether for the first time or for an expanding family, buying a new home is an exciting moment. You're looking forward to selecting the ideal curtains, paint colors, and exquisite countertops, among other things. Moving might make you giddy at times, so take a breather and consider the hard work that comes with it. This refers to a plumbing check.

The Search for Lead

If you aren't already a hunter, you will be soon. When buying an older home, keep in mind that the pipes are likely to contain deadly lead. Before buying anything, look for those lead pipes and see how much they'll cost to replace.

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Where's the shut-off valve?

Look behind the water meter for the water supply shut-off valve. Turn off the water at the valve, then turn on the faucets. If the water leaks, you'll have to figure out how much it'll cost to fix it.

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What's Up With That Water Heater?

If the water heater is old, it may be necessary to replace it. Examine the tank for mineral deposits, rust, and other symptoms that needs replacing.

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Take a Look at the Sewage

See what kind of sewer system the property has if you don't like foul smells (which we assume is everyone). Determine the location of the septic tank, its size, the length of the lines, and the last time the sewer was serviced. Inspect the area for wetness, foul odors, and any other signs of seepage. Because repairing a sewer tank is so costly, you should ask for a discount before completing the sale.

Problems with the toilet should be flushed away.

A leaking toilet is a problem. The leak will grow with time, regardless of how minor it is, and the flooring will deteriorate. Examine the area surrounding the toilet's base for any discoloration and see if the floor slides or feels soft. To do so, use your foot to press down using your body weight. The toilet should not move, but if it does, it most likely has a faulty seal, or the flange is not attached correctly.

Before buying a house, make sure you understand what you're putting yourself into. Although your fresh new home may have cherrywood flooring, crown molding, and granite countertops, don't overlook the toilet! Any leaks or damages must be reported.

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