Typical Plumbing Mistakes

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A plumber is necessary when your plumbing is neglected. Things like overflowing toilets and putting too much food down the garbage disposal may create havoc. Many people make mistakes that require the services of a professional plumber to correct.

  • Forgetting to Plug in the Garbage Disposal: Garbage disposals are typically installed without the assistance of a professional. However, the disposal's knockout plug must be removed first because the machine is linked to a dishwasher. If the plug isn't removed and there's a dishwasher, the hole where the dishwashing hose joins will be clogged. This results in significant water leakage.
  • Stacking Products on Shower Fixtures: People have a habit of stacking shampoo bottles, cleansers, and hair products on shower fixtures. These caddies dangle from the showerhead, and if too much weight pulls on them, the showerhead will fall off! From a simple $20 shower caddy to hundreds of dollars in repairs.
  • Cranking the Faucet Handle: Leaks are prevalent on every sink and can be very annoying. People frequently try to prevent a leak by pushing or pulling on the faucet handle. This worsens the situation because too much force can break the handle. This worsens the situation because too much force can break the handle.

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  • The Water Heater Isn't Up to Date: Before a water heater can be turned on, you must fill it with water. What is going to happen? It will be consumed by fire. So, please wait for the tanks to fill up with water, blow off the air bubbles with running water, then turn it on.

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